Our Mission

We utilize the best strategies and practices of the industry to constantly improve our ​business process outsourcing services and keep our standards at the highest level. Our mission is to reach clients' expectations and enable the realization of their requirements.

About Us

We are a Danish company, based in Serbia, with a growing team of 30 enthusiastic professionals. Due to our experience with the local market, we can use our underlying office infrastructure and HR personnel to recruit and train key offshore employees for other businesses.

Outsourcing is certainly not a new model of business, but today, with the expansion in the fields of communication, management, and services, a location of the team doesn’t affect the quality of the job.

Belgrade is a vibrant capital and the center of the country’s IT scene, and it’s close to many of the major European cities. Hiring a team here means you will have qualified and skilled staff working in a buzzing city with excellent infrastructure.

Workli is assembled of highly motivated, unique individuals ready to adapt to a fast-changing market and provide outstanding performance delivery. Our goal is to ensure your ideas get realized in a short time without degrading the quality of the service.